World Naked Bike Ride, Chicago Version

Strange and beautiful things happen in large cites. This is just one of them.

World Naked Bike Ride, June 9, 2017, Chicago Style :

The slogan of this ride was:

Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people!

An enjoyable way to be «free from oil» is to ride a bike. And what better way to celebrate the beauty of people than to take off as much clothing as you feel «comfortable» witout reaching the point of embarrassment or self-shame.

The event’s architects planned for this.  Some significant number of riders wore some clothing or sported large amounts of body paint. What’s more, in Chicago you are subject to arrest if, man or woman, you reveal full frontal nudity  . In the spirit of the event the police tended to let it go. There were a significant number of people who participated au naturel.

Events like this Bike Ride in Chicago draw participants from smaller towns who have no practical way to pull this off in their home community.